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Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 10:19 @chris_ryall Does that mean you forgot to by IDW a gift? You'll be in trouble for that tonight! Quick, order flowers! #
  • 10:48 AT&T- Your support site is stupid. I fill out a form, select the option "I cant MAKE OR RECEIVE CALLS". Then it says I need to call you? #
  • 10:48 My new iPhone 4 arrived. Last night I activated it. Now neither phone can connect to the network, so I have no phone. Nice one AT&T #
  • 10:48 I'm going to keep complaining about AT&T until they give me a way to contact them WITHOUT A GODDAMN phone. #
  • 10:50 @ATTCustomerCare - Your site is ridiculous. Won't let me fill in a description field, and says I need to call you bc my phone doesn't work. #
  • 10:51 @ATTCustomerCare - Add me to the list of people who regret buying an iPhone 4 because I still have to deal with AT&T. #
  • 10:52 Hey @ATTCustomerCare - A 0-character limit, when you're trying for 500 is a heck of a bug. Have you tried your site on Safari? #
  • 10:55 Still waiting to hear from @ATTCustomerCare. If I'm famous will you reply sooner? #
  • 10:56 I wouldn't be trying to contact @ATTCustomerCare via Twitter-- but they don't make it possible via the Internet. And m
    y PHONE doesn't work. #
  • 10:58 Apparently Apple has the same stupid policy. "Your phone doesn't work? Okay, we need you to call us. Or we can call you. Whichever." #
  • 11:01 Found myself a little sad that I didn't have more time in Omaha, esp. the Old Market. I think I'd like living there-- artistic and peaceful. #
  • 11:34 Huzzah! I got it working, or it resolved itself. Aside from the delay and bad support, I live it. Heh #
  • 11:35 So far I can't reproduce the signal drop reports, at various signal strengths. #iPhone4 #
  • 11:37 So, who out there also has an iPhone4-- I have no FaceTime cont
    acts yet! #
  • 12:53 @ATTTimur It was a problem with an iPhone upgrade/activation. Neither phone was connecting for a while. Now resolved. #
  • 12:54 @ATTTimur I'm very disappointed that your support site automatically tells users to CALL in, when they report their phones aren't working. #
  • 12:54 @ATTTimur It took almost 12 hours for my phone to activate, and in the meantime the old one was offline as well. #
  • 13:04 @theisb Can't think of one. But I think technically if you live-blogged it, you'd be getting paid t
    o eat donuts. #
  • 14:12 @Emmavieceli Wow. #
  • 14:24 @Agent_M Oh man I miss those guys. #
  • 14:37 @jeffparker It still looks great! #
  • 14:57 Picked a version of this shirt up for @theadacat while I was in Omaha this week... is.gd/dtm6l - It was that or "EmOmaha". #
  • 15:28 Already finding myself spoiled by the "Retina" display on the iPhone 4. Computer monitor looks so chunky. So do scaled-up iPhone apps. #
  • 15:38 @JessieLynne It might be cheaper to get a copy of Windows and Parallels, or use Bootcamp (free) than a whole new PC to run Windows. #
  • 15:44 @JessieLynne Which Windows-on-Mac solution did you try? That's probably a driver issue #
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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 21:27 Safe on the ground in Omaha. #
  • 08:45 In Omaha! #
  • 11:33 The work day is going well here on site. Not much to report, except that I still think Omaha is nice. #
  • 11:34 My new iPhone 4 is at my house. I am not at my house. Do. You. See. The. Problem? #
  • 11:56 @beingboston Indeed #
  • 11:57 @JenniferLMeyer Nebraska, not Kansas. ;) #
  • 11:59 @damiella I'
    d be curious to see a job description. :) #
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Monday, July 12th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 21:16 .@jdaysy Black Label's @Kickstarter WILL return, in about a week! We will be going for a smaller goal, for a smaller print run. :) #
  • 08:33 @Marvel We should try to get Howard the Duck (or #howardtheduck) to trend. #
  • 08:41 @BostonUpdate That was annoying. #
  • 09:31 Good morning everyone. I'm packed, I'm at work, and I have coffee! Onwards! #
  • 10:22 Just saw the news about Harvey Pekar. Tragic, and perhaps if feels more so because of the pathological intimacy of his work. #
  • 10:25 @JimMcCann Any Hawkeye and Mockingbird letters page that doesn't abbreviate to WCA seems wrong to me. #
  • 10:26 @RichGinter Sounds like they need to get you a beefier machine, man! #
  • 10:52 @RichGinter Never say no to a better computer! ;) #
  • 10:52 @RichGinter Are you and @Suterman on Macs or PCs? Maybe Disney's biggest shareholder Steve Jobs could hook you up. ;) #
  • 10:55 @Suterman What, do they still have you o
    n steam-powered machines down there? ;) #
  • 10:57 @Suterman It does if it's 1 dpi. ;) #
  • 11:07 If someone says your work isn't good enough, there are two options. Show it to another audience, or get better. One of those is sustainable. #
  • 11:57 @RyanStegman Damn man. Good luck, stay strong. #
  • 12:22 @CBCebulski Superman seems like the kind of guy to naively get that wrong, though. #
  • 12:42 @ronmarz It's like he's some kind of ali
    en. #
  • 12:55 It looks like @theadacat will be able to join me on my work trip to Dublin in Oct. (This means she'll get to play tourist way more than me.) #
  • 13:32 @ChrisSamnee Silver Surfer vs. Thor #
  • 13:53 @weeklycrisis ahahahahahaha! #
  • 13:59 Aaaaand I'm off! #
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Friday, July 9th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 19:21 @el_matt Thanks for including me-- I was half-kidding, as I figured I don't quite qualify to be on that list! #
  • 08:51 Pretty glad it has Friday. This short week has managed to squeeze in more than a normal week worth of stress. #
  • 09:28 @nikkicook Vegetarians. #
  • 09:43 @eliopoulos I dunno. Even counting the 600 books you letter every month, I'm pretty sure Bendis is responsible for more dialogue. ;) #
  • 10:37 @weeklycrisis I agree completely. #
  • 10:48 Okay, it looks like I AM going to Omaha next week, after all. At least I'm finding out today, not Monday. #
  • 10:51 Follow Friday - Comics writer/blogger (and Spaniard) @el_Matt #
  • 10:51 Follow Friday - Multi-talented, multi-cultural, multi-lingual @valium_ #
  • 10:51 Follow Friday - The beautiful @Ana_X @Juli_X and @kxcross - The X Family? heh #
  • 10:53 Follow Friday - Talented artists in various media @jeffwamester @onegemini @magneticcrow @matthewdowsmith @gorgeousface & @ciaranlucas #
  • 11:07 @marjoriemliu Is it creaking yet? That's usually a bad sign that you're in a horror movie. #
  • 11:56 @nicholasraimo hehe. Cool to learn about that here! ;) #
  • 14:00 Do I really need to tell you to Follow Friday @ChrisSamnee @RyanStegman @matt_timson and @kmellon? #FF #
  • 14:09 @MollyMcIsaac Noooo, not the suunnn! #
  • 14:23 @trishm If you're at NYCC, that seems fairly likely. #
  • 14:23 @kmellon You just made my day. I ha
    ven't been called a kid in a while. ;) #
  • 14:36 @philhester Depends. How many of them are on horseback? ;) #
  • 14:59 @valium_ :( #
  • 15:00 @ErikJLarsen Are we remembering the same 1990? #
  • 15:13 o, so fried. Two more hours. Considering going for a walk. Big questions are "Will I come back?" and "Which Ice Cream Place?" ;) #
  • 15:38 @RaeBeta This is the first thing anyone has ever said to make me wish I owned an X
    -Box. #
  • 15:59 Okay, I need to de-stress. Problem is, I'm not thinking of anything fun to do tonight (or this weekend). Help me out, I'm short-circuiting. #
  • 16:16 @Dethtron5000 I vote Shalla Bal #
  • 16:20 @RokkRevolution That's pretty cool company to be in, thanks! #
  • 16:29 @ganthet For work. Visiting a new customer for a day or two. #
  • 16:32 If God didn't want me to eat constantly, explain to me why my mouth is able to re-open indefinitely? #
  • 16:33 @mjbrenner Doing something later in the weekend with people would be cool. Have a feeling my options tonight are limited to the T. #
  • 16:34 @ganthet I won't be at all mobile. Flying in late Monday, working two full days, flying out early Wednesday afternoon. No car. :( #
  • 16:52 @ganthet Hotel shuttle to the place I'm working at. #
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Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 07:19 My iPhone 4 (ordered June 17th) left China last night, and will be here next Wednesday! (That's earlier than planned at least.) #
  • 07:24 Looking into booking one or two simple shoots during my time in Ireland in October-- Anyone out there in Dublin? #
  • 07:43 @Andrenn I'd be more excited, except I'm not adding any more $4 books to my list. The inflation has got to stop. #
  • 07:43 @Andrenn Tell us if Children's Crusade is any good, I'll be trade-waiting overpriced books #
  • 07:45 My policy of not adding any new $3.99 comics means skipping some books I'd l
    ike-- and buying 25% more of the rest of the ones I'd like. #
  • 08:27 @valium_ Anything-- no, everything-- from Jonathan Hickman. #
  • 08:40 @valium_ Nightly News and Transhuman feel very Indie. Red Mass for Mars is solid, as is his Marvel work. #
  • 08:44 @valium_ His Marvel stuff fits a superhero world without being that kind of story. #
  • 08:45 @valium_ Fantastic Four is big-idea adventure, Shield is historical mystery, Secret Warriors is conspiracy. All have a grandiosity. #
  • 08:49 .@comicbooklive Batman & Robin, X-Force, FF Annual, Thor TMA, Manara's X-Women, Young Allies, & Pet Avengers #
  • 08:50 @valium_ What sort of stuff do you usually like? #
  • 08:56 @valium_ You can't go wrong with Hellblazer (try Delano or Diggle's runs), Northlanders, Y: The Last Man, Preacher, Wormwood, or Fables #
  • 09:00 @valium_ Hellblazer is fantastic, and goes through some very different incarnations since it started in the 80s #
  • 09:00 @valium_ Have you read The Book of Magic, or the follow-up "Books of Magic" volumes? #
  • 09:01 There is no sex in the Champagne Module - is.gd/dk3cj #
  • 09:02 Alternative pun in honor of @mingdoyle: "I guess they're all the Loneliest Astronauts" - is.gd/dk3cj #
  • 09:04 @valium_ I wish I was in Europe so I could read L'Insonne, Jonathan Steele, Galaxies, and other books by my friends over there... #
  • 09:05 @valium_ There's a great John Constantine appearance in "The Book of Magic&q
    uot; that captures the character perfectly. #
  • 09:12 @valium_ They never translate Italian comics to English, except for Manara. #
  • 09:15 @valium_ I seem to be going in the other direction. :( Used to know French, some Latin, some ancient Greek. Now it's all faded from disuse. #
  • 11:38 @andydiggle Is it Howard the Duck drawn by @BRIANMBENDIS? Did I call it, or what? #
  • 11:38 @ErikJLarsen They aren't even saying it will. It's a temporary change in continuity as part of a time-travel plot. #
  • 13:21 @BrianReed Alas, at those cover prices, I'm trade-waiting both Scarlet and Casanova-in-color. $4 for comics doesn't seem reasonable to me. #
  • 13:26 A 22-page comic book takes me 5 minutes to read. I just can't justify $4 for that, as much as I love and respect the medium. #
  • 15:31 Ugh. So maybe no trip to Omaha next week after all? Way to go, guy. #
  • 16:54 Writing night. So fried right now, I just want to eat chocolate ice cream and space out-- but it's my chance to write, so write I shall! #fb #
  • 16:55 Should I write more of The Dark Age, to turn our short "
    ;Untitled Masterpieces" into a first issue of an ongoing? Or Silver Surfer fancomic? #
  • 17:00 @WatchJ Chris Brown's girlfriend was stupid or crazy enough to go back to him. That was the news there. #
  • 17:06 @el_matt www.formspring.me/ianxphoto ;) #
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 19:14 Too damn hot. #
  • 19:18 @ballywoo Would you believe it was almost as hot here today as in Tucson, but with almost four times the humidity? Ugh. #
  • 19:38 @ballywoo What is this strange talking? Show me your papers, citizen! #
  • 08:48 @blambot Can I sit in the shade? If so, I'm in. #
  • 09:51 @TonyIsabella Whichever living writer has the most books included should write the foreword. #
  • 10:21 T
    oo cash-poor for new comic books this week. #fb #
  • 10:25 @SimonBowland Large fries plz. #
  • 10:52 @SimonBowland You're a natural. Spotted my inclination towards sweets like a pro. #
  • 10:56 @OMG_Dj_Judy Netbooks and Photoshop don't really mix. Have you considered the MacBook Air? #
  • 10:57 @mjbrenner Any D&D session under 12 hours shouldn't count. #oldschool #
  • 11:18 I will be in Dublin October 24th through November 2nd
    , including the holiday on the 25th and the weekend of Halloween! #
  • 11:57 @FredVanLente My guesses are "Avengers Legacy" "Avenging Philosophers" "West Coast Avengers" or "Avengers Gamma" (hulks). #
  • 12:13 @OMG_Dj_Judy I bought a refurb one, which was perfect for me-- but I'm a Mac guy. Still, I'd go cheap laptop over netbook for Photoshop. #
  • 12:17 .@feliciaday It stops people from being douches on their forums, so I'm for it. People worried about privacy don't have to join the forums. #
  • 12:21 @yost "Canadian X-Spoilers" sounds like the best/worst Marvel/DC crossover ever. Batgirl vs. Wolverine! #
  • 12:24 @gdwessel Everything comes from somewhere. I don't see a problem with being up-front and direct about a book's influences. #
  • 13:08 Is the Punisher Marvel's Batman? #
  • 13:31 @coasterchild LOLlercoaster #
  • 14:30 @pulphope Because it's fairly hard to completely fake a goal? #
  • 14:34 @onegemini Two words: Free Sauna. #
  • 14:36 @MagneticCrow Great stuff! #
  • 14:38 Entertain me. I seem to have completed everything important today, and could use a moment of mental engagement or enter-ma-tainment. #
  • 14:45 @GorgeousFace Oh man, I need to do that :D - Alas, not here at the day job #
  • 14:45 @GorgeousFace It has been great to keep track of your progress, though. I hope we will work together again. :) #
  • 14:55 @GorgeousFace I'd like to. Let's see if my memory can handle finding that tweet again later. heh #
  • 15:01 @Ana_X Haha! I bet you'd like @kxcross too! ("Kaitlyn X" aka "Kaitlyn Cross") Plus she fits your theme of "hot girls" better! #
  • 15:07 Seriously, the inside of this watermelon is such a bright red, it's out of gamut for my brain. #seriouslyguys #watermelon #
  • 15:11 @onegemini I don't know. I cannot perceive anything this red. #
  • 15:39 @choitotheworld Until then, stick with media-diapers. #
  • 16:40 It's fun to watch my DM count fluctuate for no apparent reason. Earlier I had 204, now 203. #
  • 16:50 @theisb Imagine if you accidentally did that for a whole year. #
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 12:38 My boss (only local counterpart) is out today, and I was out for a four-day weekend. Lots of catching up today at the ol' day job! #
  • 12:39 Just went out to Trader Joe's to grab lunch for the week-- Sweet Jesus on a Pancake, it's hot out there! #
  • 14:05 @TiredFairy Congratulations on both of those things! heh #
  • 15:33 @blambot I spent my afternoon trying to fix the office print server, so I'm out of the running, but I hope you get a big response! #
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Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 09:04 @RyanStegman I use a Photoshop file, and then ZIP it. #
  • 09:09 @fredvanlente Some people choose to have meaningless stress. I think it distracts them from serious stress in a way that nets relaxation. #
  • 10:00 ohgodthetired... Last night we moved a ton of our stuff out of an old apartment's basement, because the old roomies are moving. Tough night. #
  • 10:06 @djcoffman Two words: Tiny. Meatloaf. #
  • 10:27 To fix the new Wonder Woman design: Longer hair, traditional tiara, ditch the jacket, blue pants (
    not black leggings). #
  • 11:06 To say today has been merely "frustrating" would be a failure for me as a writer, but maybe not as a diplomat. #
  • 11:07 @BenJerrysTruck "The Choctacular Spider-Man" or "The Incredible Chunks" #
  • 11:17 I'm looking forward to some analysis of the Zuda announcement today. It's says "The Future" of Zuda, but then... there isn't one. What now? #
  • 11:18 @saulone Do you know what this means for ongoing Zuda series like yours? The article says The Future, but doesn't say much about the future. #
  • 11:28 @onegemini "The SHADOW?" #
  • 11:29 @matthewdowsmith I have a solution. I will DM you my address. Let me take care of those for you. ;) #
  • 11:32 @kwanzer Technically, the gulf is GAINING oil. #
  • 11:32 @petersagal BeeJive #
  • 11:32 @onegemini You're supposed to reply with "The SHADOW!" sheesh #
  • 11:33 @onegemini Let's try this gag again. You start by saying "The Shadow" and we'll see if we can pick it up from there. ;) #
  • 11:34 Presumably, DCs goal with Zuda was to discover some good creators, and create some successful titles. They did that, so I guess it was a win #
  • 11:42 @onegemini ...The Shadow? #
  • 11:44 @kwanzer Surely it's positive for DC. And a reminder to myself that it wasn't run as a favor to the community-- Though we will miss that. #
  • 11:46 @onegemini That's it. "The Shadow." then
    "The Shadow?" then "The Shadow!" It seems to happen every time his name is uttered. #
  • 11:48 @sispurrier Yes! But only a mini-SIM with a data plan. #
  • 11:48 Reincarnation Announcement: Give me all your awesome webcomics. I'm launching a brand new initiative called BuddhaComics. ;) #
  • 11:49 @kwanzer So is that idea that other DC imprints will pick up some of the Zuda titles, for digital and/or print? Or all those guys all toast? #
  • 11:50 @onegemini I hate to let a tradition like that repetition pass. It seems like negligence on
    my part. Or maybe I'm punch-drunk today. #
  • 11:51 There's so much @zudacomics stuff that I hadn't read all of yet. (Or any of yet.) Always thought it would be there when I had time. :( #
  • 11:51 On the up side, I'm glad I didn't put all of my comics in an "eight horizontal pages per episode" basket. #
  • 11:52 @saulone I look forward to hearing about where I can read more. I was way behind, and now it's gone. :( #
  • 12:41 @azalben Well that makes sense. It's popular. That's what Fox does with shows with a huge following. #
  • 13:44 @mikechoi Which British accent does a British-educated Hong Kong accent sound like? Oxbridge? #
  • 13:45 @TylerJamesComic In the end, I suspect it was a branding decision. Creating a new brand for online would harm the old brands over time. #
  • 13:51 @TylerJamesComic Yes, but think of what happens as comics move more and more onto the web, if only the new brand is strong there. #
  • 14:02 @ronmarz I'm doing shorts with a bunch of different artists. Finding the right idea for each, and then writing it for them, has been fun! #
  • 14:03 @ronmarz Of coruse, as an indie, I may have more freedom to say "Here's a ton of ideas, which outline appeals to you?" #
  • 14:03 I'm not even published, and today I realized I think of the industry as "us". Not because I think I've made it, but because it's a community #
  • 14:06 @RyanStegman I wrote a script recently with both, felt terrible, and then watched the artist nail it without hesitation. #
  • 14:06 @RyanStegman I had just about gotten over feeling guilty about it... until that tweet. Thanks, pal. #
  • 14:07 @stormlion San Diego, or planning ahead for other ones? #
  • 14:27 @TylerJamesComic $300 for AA at a Boston Show? Bahahahahahahaha #
  • 14:44 @TylerJamesComic I tittered, when I saw those guys in the guest list. It's looking like a must-miss show. #
  • 14:44 @ciaranlucas I got the girls, but not a lot of guns. Give me a sec, I'll send you a link... #
  • 14:46 @ciaranlucas ian-x.deviantart.com/gallery/#_search/dress%20to%20kill How's that? #
  • 14:46 @TylerJamesComic It's still pretty close to NYCC, as I recall. I'll stick with New York and then Boston in the spring, probably. #
  • 14:48 @theisb Keep watchin' #
  • 14:48 @TylerJamesComic I don't get their business model. 1. Schedule opposite other con. 2. Raise prices. 3. ??? 4. Profit. #
  • 14:52 @ciaranlucas Glad to help. I hope I can see the results. #
  • 14:56 Do you consider yourself a fan of my photography? facebook.com/ianxphoto/ #
  • 14:57 Do you consider yourself a fan of my comics? facebook.com/blacklabelcomics & facebook.com/thedeathlings #
  • 15:26 I'm trying to find out what Mel Gibson did this time, but BBCNews.com doesn't have a Douchebags section. Where do I look? #
  • 15:29 @MollyMcIsaac Why you always call me a ho? #
  • 16:33 @TiredFairy</ a> 30" bust Large? Is it a child size? I don't get it. #
  • 16:40 @joshcrawley I was trying to imply that with my demand for actual pants #
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 08:45 @davidlafuente I hope the opportunity presents itself some day. Seeing a pinup by you of one of my characters would be just killer. #
  • 08:46 @davidlafuente Will you be at New York Comic Con? #
  • 08:49 @RyanStegman The creature from the Black Lagoon versus the creature from the Blue Lagoon (underage Brooke Shields). Go! #
  • 08:50 @RyanStegman A Snake-Oil salesman selling his wares to actual snakes. Go! #
  • 08:51 @R
    - @SimonBowland took my next most ridiculous idea before I could say it. #
  • 09:12 @davidlafuente I hope to see you at one eventually! :) #
  • 09:20 If Wonder Woman doesn't look like a literal Greek Goddess, you're not doing it right. I like the pants, and color scheme, but why so 90s? #
  • 09:28 One look at his upcoming work on Thunderbolts and I'm kicking myself for not following @declanshalvey sooner. You will too. #
  • 09:29 @gdwessel All of my "one page" stories have ballooned to two, through mutual consent between me and the artists! heh #
  • 09:31 Wonder Woman isn't Street Level. She isn't Gritty. If you want a street level, gritty female hero, write one. Ugh. #
  • 09:32 @gdwessel Haha. I'm still just writing my stuff the best I can, for itself, and looking for the best publishers after the fact. #
  • 09:34 @JLAJones I'm not actually upset. I just think it's a bad move. When it flops, we will get the real WW back. #
  • 09:54 My ideas are never stupid enough for @RyanStegman to sketch. I need to try harder. #
  • 09:55 @RyanStegman Some d
    ay I'll nail it. #
  • 09:56 @RyanStegman If you'd ever be up for a non-stupid (or accidentally stupid) idea from me, I'd love to talk about a pinup. #
  • 10:05 @RyanStegman No need to apologize for being busy doing awesome work on big-name stuff! heh. #
  • 10:05 @RyanStegman I'll just hope that if you ever do find the time, you'll remember me. #
  • 10:06 I spend most of my time talking with artists, in one way or another. There are worst things, for sure. :) #
  • 10:41 @gdwessel I don't think I've seen one complaint like that. I'd summarize what I have seen as "Pants are fine, but JEAN JACKET?! Really?!" #
  • 11:29 @jeffwamester One of the best things about collaborations is that when the other guys do great work, you can appreciate your own output more #
  • 11:31 Trying to work out a good plot to use as an excuse to use the story title "All's Whale that Ends Whale". #
  • 11:32 @jeffwamester I first discovered that photographing models, but it feels the same when artists draw pages I wrote. :) #
  • 11:38
    @jeffwamester I had my shop put it on my pull list as soon as I got back from the Boston Con in April. heh #
  • 11:39 To celebrate getting paid today, I think I am going to eat like an asshole for lunch. Who's with me? #fb #
  • 11:39 @jeffwamester Does your big move mean you won't be at NYCC in October? It will be weird going to a Con and not seeing you. heh #
  • 13:02 Does JMS know how horribly sexist and dumb his "What woman doesn't change her outfit in 60 years" comment sounds? #
  • 13:03 @onegemini There's a Retweets list listed
    under @s DMs and Favorites on the right. Last tab there is "Your Tweets Retweeted" #
  • 13:22 @jeffwamester Yeah. It's expensive-- Even from Boston, I'm well over a grand in. #
  • 13:24 @jdaysy Well, this one ate a huge grilled cheese and fries at the most over-the-top diner in greater Boston. #
  • 13:35 @theisb If this is @Marvel's test of same-day digital sales, it's clearly rigged. Ridiculous. #
  • 13:36 @mattfraction How do you personally feel about Marvel's price gouging for your book today? #
  • 13:38 @jdaysy This place does not fuck around. www.thefriendlytoast.net/ #
  • 13:44 @NateCosboom For a little while there, they had subtle lines so he was wearing a little silver Speedo. Such dignity. #
  • 13:53 So today @ChrisSamnee won the Internet. We can all go home. #
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Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 20:30 @coasterchild I'm doing a train, I think he's doing the bus. Hotels are PRICY though... #
  • 08:33 @!coasterchild - Ada and I already booked a room with one bed, I'm afraid. :( #
  • 08:55 @Ryan_the_Iowan There's definitely a "small world" feeling. I think because everyone loves the job so much, and are so nice to newcomers. #
  • 09:38 .@ncilla My theory is that FB doesn't realize actual models use the site, and think any pro photo must be stolen/fake #
  • 10:01 @matthewdowsmith I had a chance to finish the first Doctor Who trade last night-- The move to your art did great things for the book! #
  • 10:28 @blambot Meeting. (mE-teng) n. A period of time to talk about all the work that needs to be done, rather than doing it. #
  • 11:00 It looks like I'll be traveling again for my job. Two quick days in Omaha next month, and a week (plus a weekend) in Dublin in Sept or Oct. #
  • 11:00 The Dublin trip will include two nights on my dime, so I can enjoy a weekend in one of my favorite cities. #
  • 11:03 @onegemini Avoids my personal holidays. I have b
    een to Omaha, and really like it. Kind of wish it were a longer trip. Old town is smashing. #
  • 11:04 Anyone out there in Dublin (the original one)? Looks like I'll be in town this autumn. #
  • 11:13 @valium_ Who are the "Insomniacs"? :) #
  • 11:21 @RichGinter Have you ever seen a NON-Awesome drawing by @skottieyoung? #
  • 11:27 It isn't easy to ask people I look up to for favors. Then again, sometimes they say yes, so it's worth a shot. #
  • 11:43 @matthewdowsmith
    I'm astonished with the strength of emotion (and likeness) you manage with such economy of lines! #
  • 12:02 Artists I'd love to work with: @onegemini @matthewdowsmith @csyeung @skottieyoung @nikkicook @mingdoyle Zach Howard & Sean Murphy #
  • 12:03 (I have stuff lined up with half of that list already. The mind boggles.) #
  • 12:04 Artists I'd love to work with Part 2 @JasonCopland @cameronmstewart @davidlafuente @david_hahn @McKelvie @ryanstegman @kmellon & Matt Wilson #
  • 12:05 (Okay, nobody on that list is working with me yet... But they all qualify as fantastic guys, on top of being ridiculously talented.) #
  • 12:31 @onegemini I forgot you were born on the Moon! #
  • 12:34 @Ana_X No! I don' waaanna! #
  • 12:40 @matthewdowsmith That would be brilliant! At the very least, milkshakes in New York! (Will you be there Thursday night?) #
  • 12:41 @Ana_X No! Don't you oppress me! #
  • 12:41 People say Heinlein was a crazy old coot, but they quote him constantly. "TAANSTAFL" and "Pay it Forward" were both him. #
  • 12:43
    Question for comics fans-- Would you buy a comic book that was all pinups, at an artist alley, if it was good stuff? #
  • 13:06 Oh man do I want to write an update to this character www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/ardindef.htm #
  • 13:30 Want to help me with my reality check? Which comics publishers should I realistically be pitching to? (And who are my "reach schools"?) #
  • 13:46 @TimDillon If you have the miles, it may be worth the stress reduction on the way home. #
  • 14:09 @Starbucks Why not now? #
  • 14:14 "This America Wife" #NPRPorn #
  • 14:15 "Fresh Ass" #NPRPorn #
  • 14:15 "Wait Wait Don't Come on Me" #NPRPorn #
  • 14:21 @BrianReed I thought of that one too. heh #
  • 14:41 Talk about mixed feelings. Wow. This will take some processing. #
  • 15:46 @nikkicook You could call it Forn-I-Cate #
  • 15:47 @RaeBeta It's that
    good. #
  • 15:50 This weight in my head is stress. #fb #
  • 15:51 @RyanStegman I knew it. You're doing a D-Man with knives book! ;) #
  • 15:51 @RyanStegman My actual response: Looks gooood #
  • 15:53 @sterlinggates I love that, to a degree, EVERY new page creates that feeling. Can you believe people draw this stuff we write? #
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Monday, June 28th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 08:57 @Suterman I think you should go with "Is that like the radio?" More about the subtext than outright saying you don't have TV. ;) #
  • 09:08 Sony would have a PR coup if they announced that the new Spider-Man would tie in with Marvel's in-house movies. #
  • 09:33 Anyone out there know if you can get BluRay working on a PS3 via Component (not HDMI, not RCA) video cables? #
  • 09:58 @sarahstarlitt I think it depends on the office. Context is everything. #
  • 10:01 Aww yeah, tons of comics progress this weekend. On track again! #
  • 10:21 @mingdoyle I love your style as an artist even more, but there's something to be said for your voice as an advertiser. #
  • 10:37 @blambot Yeesh. I knew your speed would put me to shame, but wow. #
  • 10:59 @sarahstarlitt I've worked in software companies where the CEO wore shorts and sandals (and was still hardworking). [continues...] #
  • 11:00 @sarahstarlitt I stopped dressing up because as the young new guy, it just didn't sit right to wear a dress shirt and pants there. #
  • 11:01 Oh fuck. I used the word a d v e r t i s e r in a tweet. Guess how many spambot replies and RTs I got? fuck. #
  • 11:05 @sarahstarlitt Yeah, that makes sense to me. In most places, shorts aren't appropriate, for sure. #
  • 11:05 @sarahstarlitt I even get dressed when I work from home. Helps get the brain in gear. #
  • 11:09 @fredvanlente "If you stop feeling the temperature, you're not gaining superpowers... you're getting heatstroke." ;) #
  • 12:09 @TylerJamesComic Glad to hear it. See you there! #
  • 12:09 @Starbucks Why wait to roll it out? #
  • 12:11 @Suterman Or you could hold an ear-trumpet up to your ear and shout "WHUUTT?" -- Whatever works. ;) #
  • 12:12 My goal for this month. Squeeze more funny words like "carbuncle" and "goiter" into my scripts. #
  • 12:21 All comic books need more action, more big-ass pouches, less feet. Period. #
  • 12:28 @Suterman You're still young-- it'
    s all about the attitude. ;) #
  • 12:42 Thinking it's about that time to get a real good sense of which publishers (and editors) will like each of the stories I'm working on. #
  • 12:46 @ErikJLarsen I haven't seen the page, but good artists can still sometimes do bad pieces. #
  • 12:49 Why I'm a Liberal: Can you really imagine rooting against Robin Hood for robbing from the rich to give to the poor? #
  • 13:18 93 degrees F (33 C)-- High will be 96 F (36 C). Humidity 44%. Thunderstorms won't break it until 8 pm tonight. Madness, pure and simple. #
  • 13:28 @JenniferLMeyer Oh wow, you're in that book? Very very cool! #
  • 14:05 @ColleenCoover Pogo? #
  • 14:09 Looking for a few more collaborators for pinups for NYCC and Black Label Comics. Anyone? :) #
  • 14:17 @JenniferLMeyer Brilliant-- you should have a Google Doc invite now. I'd be thrilled to work with you, your stuff is amazing. #
  • 14:18 @onegemini Understood, and glad to hear it! I'll put you on my list of "people to nag later." ;) #</ a>
  • 14:19 @MagneticCrow Drop me a DM with your email and a link to your portfolio (or DeviantArt) :) #
  • 14:27 @nikkicook In this heat, that bird is about two hours from "delicious". #
  • 14:32 @Asphyxiah You kids these days, I swear... (Happy Birthday!) #
  • 14:45 @matthewdowsmith I used that phrase a lot, until someone at work thought I meant "taking a nap" not "concentrating". #
  • 15:14 Help us top 250 fans on Facebook? www.facebook.com/blacklabelcomics/ #
  • 15:51 @RyanStegman Gubbmint! #
  • 15:53 @mrtonylee "Hi, Tony!" #
  • 15:54 @mrtonylee Sorry, wrong meeting. ;) I'm Ian-- friend of @onegemini, photographer, and newly trying to be a comics writer. #
  • 15:56 @RyanStegman It does seem a bit quiet lately. #
  • 15:56 @MollyMcIsaac I want you to model for me. #
  • 16:06 @Comixace I pre-ordered mine weeks ago, and the ship date was July 15th even then. #
  • 16:11 @ballywoo Is this one of those "free trips" where you have to go to a hotel to get a pitch, or one where you have to pay $500 in "fees"? ;) #
  • 16:11 I am not good at networking. Luckily, I just like pretty much everyone I've dealt with from the comics industry. #
  • 16:12 Apparently @matthewdowsmith will ink anything that isn't nailed down today. I feel sorry for his dog, neighbors, etc. #
  • 16:21 @RyanStegman For a good Meltdown, just pick fights with the right people. I won't name names. #
  • 16:28 @ballywoo That smells familiar. #
  • 16:33 @ballywoo I've had offers like that before, I think. Definitely heard of it from others. #
  • 16:33 @ballywoo They will get you to come to a hotel first, give you a sales pitch for some product, then maybe the trip-- with fees likely. #
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Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 11:15 @ronmarz What about writers showing finished comics at cons? (Self-published, etc.) #
  • 11:31 This is incredible - www.smactalk.com.au/?p=274 - Shane McCarthy on breaking in as a comics writer. #makecomics #
  • 11:35 @gdwessel My plan is to bring one full first issue, and an anthology full of minis. All finished, none published-- well, self-published. #
  • 11:35 @gdwessel (That's for my first big con, NYCC. By next year, 3 full issues and more minis.) #
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Friday, June 25th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 19:11 .@onegemini - I was thinking "It would be a miracle, and I'd be too busy as a cult leader to work on comic books!" ;) #
  • 19:33 @nikkicook Love that White Queen! #
  • 19:56 That was a good night of writing. Not only done, but already got fantastic feedback- constructive & creative ideas- from the likely artist! #
  • 22:18 loves working with professionals. #
  • 06:38 Francesca has posted a lovely blog with her complete process for one of our pages - is.gd/d3raV - So cool to see each step! #
  • 11:26 .@onegemini - I promise I won't touch any of your stuff until at least October 7th. #
  • 11:32 Thanks to @SpookCentral @athraonline @Suterman @TheActionRoom and @MrEjayRussell for the Follow Friday mentions! #FF #
  • 12:30 @NateCosboom That's alarmingly similar to something Loki did a little while back, isn't it? #
  • 12:31 @GailSimone Does that mean they need to staple girl-nards to me first? Ow. #
  • 13:06 @jengrunwald Get the arrow, get th
    e arrow, get the arrow. #
  • 13:09 It's Friday and that means catching up on correspondence. (I hope my emails are getting through.) #
  • 13:10 @bclevinger "Wild Watts of the West" #youcanhavethatforfree #
  • 13:28 @jengrunwald Shave head. Get arrow tattoo. Grow hair back, but know you have Aang's tattoo. Perfect plan. #
  • 13:28 @ronxo What's the opposite of hardcore? #
  • 13:31 .@onegemini That's a great Batman! Love the feelin
    g he's coming out of shadows. #
  • 13:58 @kmellon "Invisible Double Wide" is a fantastic band name. #
  • 13:59 @stormlion I love the look of your Free Comic Book Day book. Good to see you on Twitter! #
  • 14:02 If I were lead singer of a spunky country-crossover girl band I'd call my first album "Ballbuster Blues" #
  • 14:04 @stormlion Will do. As a comics writer, where can I find out about your submission process? #
  • 14:33 Follow Friday @stormlion @shitmagneto
    says - New comics finds #
  • 14:33 Follow Friday @onegemini my NYCC table-buddy, and hopefully-neighbor @matthewdowsmith #FF #
  • 14:53 Still kind of can't believe that I pre-ordered my iPhone 4 but won't have it for three more weeks. #
  • 15:03 @comiXology Why so late in the game? #
  • 15:03 @nikkicook My style is having horse-shit spewing from everyone's mouth. I'm an ARTISTE. #
  • 15:06 @nikkicook My run on Horse Shit Avengers is gonna be epic. #
  • 15:24 @onegemini Derek Jacobi as The Master. #
  • 15:28 So, is @ZudaComics stuff still free on the DC Comics iPad app, like it is on the web? #
  • 15:55 @mikechoi Yes. I have a special interpretive dance prepared for such an occasion that I would want to share. ;) #
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Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 08:12 @gimpnelly Curse you and your fancy phone! (Mine won't arrive until July 19th.) #
  • 08:13 Walked by the iPhone line this morning getting my coffee. Instantly regretted my online order, which won't get here until July 19th. #
  • 08:22 @TylerJamesComic Who are you going through? I'd love to get my stuff on there, not sure who plays nice with the indies. #
  • 08:24 Any indie comics creators out there with experience getting their stuff onto iPad/iPhone? #
  • 08:29 @cedarseed There are a number of places that
    do that (Comixology, iVerse, longbox, graphicly, and smaller ones) too #
  • 08:32 @TylerJamesComic Their reader looks clever. How'd you get in touch with them? #
  • 08:40 @cedarseed Are you talking about an iPhone app, or something on the web? #
  • 08:42 @cedarseed On the iPad, it doesn't take much formatting. On the iPhone, there's more work to do. Hybrid apps seem best. #
  • 08:42 @cedarseed Does your developer have a way to get the app into Apple's app store? #
  • 08:46 @cedarseed Marvel doesn't do their own app, that's by Comixology. Most iPhone apps handle it in a similar way, zooming for each panel #
  • 08:51 @cedarseed Maybe-- you found a developer at least! I'd love to work something out to get my comics on there as apps! #
  • 08:55 @Varessa Those are adorable... but I don't think I could pull off that look with confidence. heh #
  • 09:01 @Varessa My look involves more... black and grey. heh #
  • 09:02 @Varessa If I weighted 150 lbs I could totally rock me some Tokidoki #
  • 09:05 @mrtonylee Wait, so you got a new 3GS *today*... any mixed feelings there? I was sad walking past the iPhone 4 lines this morning. #
  • 09:09 If Bobbie Morse dies again, will Clint Barton dress up in her clothes and call himself Hawkingbird? #pympanties #
  • 09:59 @Marvel If I told you, I'd have to kill you. It's a secret. #
  • 09:59 Create your Scott Pilgrim avatar. Mine: www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/ava
  • 10:06 @blambot My girlfriend bought hers early so I could use it at Boston Comic Con. It's the ultimate convention tool. Portfolio + email! #
  • 10:16 25 bucks from the B&N clearance. yfrog.com/jonnhjj #
  • 10:19 Putting serious thought into just writing some "fan comics" to try my hand at favorite characters. Equally considering not doing that. #fb #
  • 10:33 @blambot What better way to test new technology? They were very tasteful nekkid ladies, though. #
  • 10:37 @cameronMstewart Just give them my address for your comp box. Problem solved. ;) #
  • 10:45 @DanSlott GLA you say?! :D #
  • 11:06 @blambot Did you get the 3G iPad? We missed having internet access at the Boston Con #
  • 11:06 Sorry to my Italian friends for today's result #ita #
  • 11:10 New York Comic Con received our check and contract. We're 100% official for the Artist's Alley, I can't wait for the show! #
  • 12:20</e> @Newsarama What's misleading? There have been hundreds of MJ pinups using Spider-Man imagery. #
  • 12:52 @fredvanlente Is there a framing sequence that ties to the current continuity, or is it wholly set "back when"? #
  • 13:12 Had to cancel my last shoot after not hearing from the model. Realizing now she's been radio-silent on the net since April-ish. :( #
  • 14:16 @DoctorWhoNY You guys should commission @onegemini for an official NYCC poster. "Waters of Mars" meets "Beers of New York". ;) #
  • 14:17 Come see the a
    mazing talent at my NYCC booth. He'll be sitting next to me. (I'll be the one with the iPad though.) #
  • 14:49 @1D3773_W1N3C00R I just checked out your blog. Holy crap can you draw! You should post more of that stuff to Twitter. #
  • 14:54 @onegemini I will be too busy TOUCHING all of your STUFF to need WiFi. #
  • 14:57 @RyanStegman How did you know I've been wishing all day it was my bir-- oh. #
  • 15:02 @1D3773_W1N3C00R I call 'em as I see 'em. If you ever want to do something together, you just
    let me know! #
  • 15:02 @1D3773_W1N3C00R Speaking of which... Are you going to be at NYCC in October? #
  • 15:04 @1D3773_W1N3C00R Do you do sequential work? I love me some short comics. #
  • 15:05 @1D3773_W1N3C00R Sweet! I must insist you stop by my table in Artist Alley, then! :) #
  • 15:05 @1D3773_W1N3C00R DM me with your email address, and I can send you a google doc with some possibilities for workin' together. #
  • 15:21 You shall go and check out @1D3773_W1N3C00R's artblog now! idettewinecoor.blogspot.com/ #
  • 15:32 @weeklycrisis Is that the Ribic one from about 2004? I have that in issues, so gorgeous. #
  • 15:32 @weeklycrisis Whoops. I was too slow. heh #
  • 16:45 @onegemini Haha, I won't get mobbed.. but I know a handful of people who might be there. #
  • 16:51 @onegemini I'm an internet sensation! I have DOZENS of fans! ;) #
  • 16:52 .@onegemini Do you think if we drop enough hints about our table at New York Comic Con our friends, fans, & cohorts will stop by our table? #
  • 16:56 @Sohui More awkward if he's checking Twitter right now too. ;) #
  • 16:56 .@onegemini Maybe. I've been taking my medicine and using the creams. #
  • 16:59 .@onegemini If my thousands of DA fans and hundreds of Facebook fans showed up in New York all at once... #
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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 17:37 @titanwars Did you guys test on iOS4? So far, Titan Wars is my only app that has broken. #
  • 07:47 New inked page from Rosie today, so I lettered it first thing this morning! Bam! #
  • 07:48 On the other hand, my iPhone is taking forever to synch and now I'll be wicked late for work. Ugh. #
  • 13:13 @coasterchild I LOVE the Teeth pic! #
  • 13:29 @nikkicook I heard granddaughter. 10% more creepy than niece? #
  • 13:54 Hey my comic peeps
    -- I want to show off your pinups at NYCC! If you want to make pinups of my characters, that works out well. Just sayin'. #
  • 14:09 Note: I would not usually use the word "peeps" but it made the thing work in ~140 characters. heh #
  • 14:11 I hope @onegemini is trying to get @wilw to make a special guest appearance at my birthday party! ;) #
  • 16:46 @skottieyoung I hope your baby is a "bawler" and not a "baller" #
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 17:40 Trending now: Invader Zim, iOS4, and Summer Solstice-- Am I dreaming? #
  • 17:41 @onegemini Alas, I know. I just really want to write me some Norrin Radd. heh #
  • 22:13 @g_willow I just read the interview with you in the Sunday Globe. Good stuff. #
  • 07:34 @matt_timson I have to work on Windows at the day job. 8 hours, 5 days a week. Cruel and unusual, that is. #
  • 09:14 @comicbooklive Marvel Shorts: Irredeemable Ant-Man, Power Pack, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Doct
    or Strange #
  • 10:12 @g_willow I think bad headlines are mandatory when mainstream media write about certain topics-- comics, religion, hair salons, etc. #
  • 10:12 @matt_timson Try getting baffed in the head with a hammer 8 hours a day and see if you get used to it. ;) #
  • 13:38 @ErikJLarsen I think (hope) that Quesada is making a point about MJ and Peter becoming older and frumpier in that artwork. #
  • 13:38 @nikkicook Drink more, you'll come out the other side! #
  • 13:47 @theisb If only there were some way to modify pages once they are on the Internet! #
  • 15:01 @kellysue About four grapefruits, if I remember correctly #
  • 15:13 @el_matt Yeah. I ordered about $30 worth-- wondering if it will go through. #
  • 15:17 @el_matt I had no luck with the "glitch"-- though I did get a small credit for my trouble. This seems more likely to be an actual clearance. #
  • 15:18 @el_matt The prices are beli
    evable if B&N are getting rid of stock. Prices like this at conventions etc. are totally normal. #
  • 16:17 @nikkicook Add some dip. Dairy is a whole 'nother food group. #
  • 16:32 @weeklycrisis I had the same thought. I'm a writer, and I often find myself following characters over creators. #
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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 20:29 Today, my father is so far out in Montana that there's no cell-phone access. He has wi-fi, though, so I got an email! heheh #
  • 21:56 We got a PS3 this weekend. Drop me a message with your Live ID, if you have one too! #fb #
  • 06:00 @ganthet Red Dead Redemption, LittleBigPlanet, and BioShock (1) #
  • 09:06 @Suterman That's pretty cool right there. #
  • 09:17 Having a hard time communicating that I charge for my photography. Even the break-even discount for models. #
  • 10:02 @RichGinter Your "batting clean-up" somehow made me imagine you a @Suterman being the ones responsible for hiding all of Liefeld's feet. #
  • 10:22 @matthewdowsmith Is the first page you do usually Page 1? #
  • 10:25 @mjbrenner Not understanding, I think. Models assume they get paid, so when I say I charge it doesn't click. #
  • 10:27 @matt_timson I think photographer/model a bit like writer/artist (in indies). There's a preconception about who gets paid. #
  • 10:28 @matthewdowsmith Do you usually finish a page (pencil and ink) then move on, or pencil them all, then ink them all? Or in-between? #
  • 10:29 @matthewdowsmith (I love learning about different artist's process. I want to understand it all.) #
  • 10:30 Today a model understood that she'd pay me, but assumed I'd pay her back right after the shoot. No, I don't get it either. #
  • 10:31 @matt_timson Yeah-- A job you love is still a job. We all need to eat, and pay for our tools. #
  • 13:20 @eliopoulos How much of that is driving to the
    airport to go to Disney? 80%? 90? #
  • 13:21 @onegemini Swipe how? #
  • 13:29 @onegemini Did they at least say "after Blair Shedd" or "apologies to Blair Shedd"-- or did they pass it off as all theirs? #
  • 14:06 Added an extra night in the hotel and extra day off, so I can get to NYCC Thursday afternoon. #
  • 15:16 Boy oh boy! The preview pages from One Moment in Time look... Mundane and uninteresting. #
  • 15:25 @Agent_M I know for certain that one of them nee
    ds hair. #
  • 15:47 @Agent_M Hmm. I'd pay good money to see someone from DC jump him at a con and force him into a wig. ;) Mullet, for preference. Just sayin'. #
  • 15:49 It's interesting that artists are encouraged to draw samples with major characters, but writers aren't allowed to. #
  • 15:50 Mostly I say this because I'd love to find a way to get some Silver Surfer into my portfolio. heh #
  • 16:10 @MollyMcIsaac twitpic.com/1ynppr - Great photo! #
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Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
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Friday, June 18th, 2010

Time:5:30 pm.
  • 09:27 Follow Friday @ArchaiaComics even if they don't give me some #FF schwag for saying it. Good comics! From the little guys! #
  • 09:33 Let's play Words With Friends on the iPhone! My username is 'Ian-X'. bit.ly/2qbpQ #
  • 10:01 Thanks to @Suterman and @onegemini - Two #FFs already from guys I like and admire. That's a good morning! #
  • 10:11 When I wear my Obama-Hope style "DOOM" shirt, I think people think I'm anti-Obama. I'm just Pro-Doctor-Doom. #latveria #
  • 11:23 Strongly considering getting a PS3. Any strong reasons to go with either PS3 or X-Box 360? Not interested in fanboy side-taking. <
    a href="http://twitter.com/ian_x/statuses/16481793467">#</a>
  • 11:48 @ballywoo Mostly gaming. Casual downloads plus the occasional strategy or blockbuster game. Blu-Ray and Netflix would be a nice bonus. #
  • 12:21 @ballywoo Is there cross-platform network play? Or do I need the same system as my friends to play stuff like RDR? #
  • 12:22 @Varessa Does that mean you'll play Grant Theft Horse with me if I get one? ;) #
  • 12:35 @SpookCentral If this is a monthly thing, the answer is probably "work our ass off to find a better-paying day job" :( #
  • 12:41 @ciaranlucas Mozillachu, I chose you! #
  • 13:21 Follow Friday @shitmagnetosays #FF #
  • 13:21 Follow Friday @DRUNKHULK #ff #
  • 13:22 Follow Friday @Varessa - Because she's a cool person and a gorgeous comics cosplayer #
  • 13:22 Follow Friday - The hilarious @ballywoo #
  • 13:23 Follow Friday my NYCC table-mate the talented and funny @onegemini - And read his arc on IDW's Doctor Who book! #FF #
  • 13:24 I won't Follow F
    riday @warrenellis because if you don't follow him already what the hell are you doing on Twitter? #FF #
  • 13:24 Follow Friday Super-talent (writer, artist, etc.) @matthewdowsmith - Regular artist on IDW's Doctor Who ongoing #
  • 13:26 Follow Friday more comics peeps! - @sarahstarlitt @GeoffJohn0 @McKelvie and @cedarseed #
  • 13:27 Follow Friday my collaborators @nicholasraimo @jurithedreamer & @valium_ #
  • 13:29 @RyanStegman OooOOOoo... When can we SEE it? #
  • 13:30 Any artists out there who will be at NYCC and interested in doing a pinup/poster collabora
    tion? (Or 1-2 page comic short) #
  • 13:41 Who out there is going to be at New York Comic Con in October? #NYCC or is it #NYCCC #
  • 13:50 @silvercirclemov Excellent! Do you guys have a table? #
  • 13:50 @astrobrain Do you have a table? Would you be interested in doing something together for the show? #
  • 13:51 @astrobrain It'll be good to finally meet you! #
  • 14:07 @astrobrain I was thinking more like a poster/pinup, or a 1-2
    page short comic, to cross-promote a bit. And an excuse to collaborate. heh #
  • 14:33 @astrobrain It's a shame, but I understand. If you find the time somehow, just let me know! #
  • 16:27 @Varessa You're going to kick my ass at all of those, aren't you? #
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